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PBDS: Performance Development System Resource

Cross Country Staffing is pleased to present an introduction to the Performance Based Development System (PBDS) assessment for use by both our travel nurses and our corporate staff. PBDS is an assessment tool garnering the attention of our travel nurses as there are close to 800 hospitals now using this critical thinking assessment tool, both for permanent staff and for travel nurses.

This PBDS resource is available on this website 24-hours a day. Please feel free to read all or part of it in order to satisfy your inquiries about what PBDS is, what it is not, and what to expect when sitting for the assessment. We appreciate your comments and feedback. Thus you will find Cross Country University RN contacts listed in the presentation as well as a toll free line providing Just In Time Answers available 8:30am – 5:30pm M-F. Now, help yourself to a therapeutic dose of knowledge regarding PBDS below!

PBDS Resource Just in Time Answers: 800.975.1152

Click here to download the  PBDS Resource Guide pdf.