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Nightingale Initiatives

Nightingale Initiatives

“Nightingale Initiatives.” Representing Cross Country’s on-going celebration of Nurses Week and honoring the profession, the Nightingale Initiatives will be comprised of three important components, all of which allow our corporate employees to actively participate and be recognized, as well as recognizing our travel nurses. These components include:

Future Nurses Network

When Cross Country University (CCU) launched the Future Nurses Network (FNN) in 2009, we set out to provide a valuable resource to those corporate employees interested in becoming a nurse. Our mission for the Future Nurses Network (FNN) is two-fold:

a) Provide employees of Cross Country Staffing an opportunity to explore nursing as a potential career for ones self or another (e.g. a family member).

b) Provide a source of professional camaraderie through a mentoring network, which is comprised of Cross Country Staffing employees who are actively working toward earning a nursing degree and fellow employees who are also actively pursuing a nursing career (enrolled in either prerequisite courses or in core nursing curriculum courses).

The vision of the FNN is to become and remain established as an accessible central source for nursing career guidance and support where employees of Cross Country Staffing can connect synergistically, sharing information, tools, and experiences. The benefits of the mentoring network will produce positive effects, which exceed those that are possible when individuals explore and pursue their goals independently.

The “Best of the Best” initiative will honor and recognize CCS Travel Nurses who truly exemplify the best attributes of dedicated service. Based on these nominations, 4 recipients (one per quarter) will be chosen throughout the year. At the end of the year, an overall “Best of the Best” winner will be selected and celebrated during Nurses Week 2011; at which time the nurse will be added to the CCS Nurses Hall of Fame.


eRounds is an electronic forum created for our teams to pose clinical questions. Currently, the OCNO RN’s receive clinical questions and answer these questions: but what if other teammates have the same questions? With eRounds, a team of RN’s will analyze the most frequently asked clinical question on a monthly basis. They’ll turn the question into a clinical scenario that will be presented on CCU’s Learning System, The Learning Community. Visitors will be asked to select the best answer to solve the problem. Rationales for incorrect choices are electronically supplied and just in time learning is incorporated to enhance one’s understanding of the scenario. On a quarterly basis the participant who has answered the most scenarios correctly will be recognized.

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