About Us

About Cross Country University

Cross Country University (CCU) was founded by Cross Country Staffing (CCS) on the belief that positive patient outcomes are directly influenced by the competence of all healthcare providers. CCU was then responsible to set industry standards and provide lifelong-learning opportunities for healthcare providers.

CCU serves as the center for competency and knowledge management for all CCS health care professionals (HCP). In this role, CCU provides the systems, tools, and resources to assess and process HCPs from initial to continued employment. CCU recognizes that, due to advances in practice, technology and individual experience, some HCPs will have knowledge deficits. In order to address these deficits, CCU provides an extensive array of learning opportunities. CCS recognizes that the intellectual capital of our people sets us apart from our competition. It is our commitment to building the knowledge of our work force that differentiates CCS as we serve clients, travel health care professionals, and ultimately, patients.